Install Odin

ovm install <version>
# or
ovm i <version>

Use install or i to download a specific monthly release of Odin. To install the latest release, use "latest" or leave the version empty. To install the bleeding edge from the master branch, use "master".

Install OLS with OVM

OVM can also install the Odin Language Server for you. To install OLS, pass the -l/--lsp flag to ovm install.

ovm i master -l
# or
ovm i master --lsp

Switch the active Odin version

ovm use <version>
# or
ovm switch <version>

Either use or switch can be used to switch between installed Odin versions.

ovm use dev-2024-02

List installed Odin versions

ovm ls
# or
ovm list

Use ls or list to see a list of all Odin versions currently installed on your system.

List versions available for download

ovm ls --remote

The -r/--remote flag will list Odin releases that are available to download rather than those installed locally.

Remove an Odin version

ovm rm dev-2023-08

Use remove or rm to uninstall a local version.

Upgrade your OVM installation

ovm upgrade

OVM will check your current version against the latest and attempt to update itself if there is a newer version available. It should work regardless of where OVM is located, though if it's in a privileged directory you may have to prepend this command with sudo.

Toggle output colors

ovm colors

OVM maintains a persistent setting for whether colors in output should be enabled. The colors command will display the current setting and prompt you to toggle it, if you wish.

CLI help

ovm help

This will print the built-in help text.

Option flags

  • -v/--verbose enable additional informational output